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Bicester Scramble October 2018

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The October Bicester Heritage Scramble on Sunday 7th October 2018 was the first time we had driven the Marathon MGB for more than a few miles under its own steam, since we found it in a scrap yard in 2015. Until now the car had been trailered to all the previous events.

The journey from Abingdon to Bicester was slow, as we were running in the rebuilt engine and the overdrive was not working.We discovered a couple of oil leaks from the upside down oil filter also the tappet covers, these could be fixed quite easily. As the car has no carpet and trim it was quite noisy but interesting.

When on display with the other MGB Register cars visitors seemed very interested and wanted to ask questions about this very special MGB.

Photo: Andrew Vigor of the MGB Register

Photo: John Watson of the MGB Register