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MGB Update August 2016

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The MG Car Club – MGB Register, London to Sydney MGB restoration is coming on well. Over the last few weeks the car has been on display at MGLive, Bicester Heritage and a very special day for Marathon cars at Gaydon.                                                                     

Our main aim when at these events is to get more information on the car and also to seek donations to the restoration. We have recently received a cheque for £250 from a person who saw the car at MG Live. We also received a cheque from a MGCC member in Australia for £100 who had watched the cars on the event in 1968 and our friends at MG Newbury have donated £100. All donations large or small are gratefully received.

All the main structural work has been carried out by Steve at Abingdon Car Restorations. The car now has new floors, sills, chassis rails and the cross members have been replaced or repaired with thanks to BMH for all the body parts.

Many thanks to Malcolm Sayers, Tony Gilbert and Dave Cato for re-building the engine and gearbox which are now ready to go back in the car. Prior to this we have decided to respray the engine compartment to a fresh British Racing Green. Our next task is to get the brakes, fuel and wiring checked so we can get the car to an MOT standard. Finally when funds are available we will respray the MGB back to the Gold and black colour as it was in November 1968 at the start of the event.

One major appearance change is the manufacturing and fitting of the Jerry cans, this is thanks to Bob and Steve. We have discovered that only 1 can had fuel the other 2 carried water which was fed into the cabin by plastic tubes. To complete the rear we need a Cibie lamp type 33, these were very thin lamps produced in the 60’s by Cibie. If anyone sees one please let us know.

We recently had a call from Tom Boyce’s stepdaughter Emma, who has finalised his affairs following his death earlier this year and she has donated to the project Tom’s finisher’s plaque and a few other items These will soon go on display in a dedicated display case at the MGCC HQ in Abingdon.